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Our Commitment

What started out as a labour of love for a desperate family member will hopefully bring some relief to you and those you love. It gives us great satisfaction to know we have eliminated a couple of worries from your busy life – underarm wetness marks and yellow armpit stains.

You have so many more important and relevant problems to solve; worrying about sweat should not hinder, or stall the productivity in your life. At the very least we hope to have provided some relief for you, and wish you nothing but happy arm raising for years to come.


  • Eliminate Underarm Wetness Marks – beconfident UNDERARM LINERS eliminate embarrassing underarm wetness marks by absorbing the sweat before it hits your clothes.
  • Eliminate Yellow Stains – beconfident UNDERARM LINERS reduce dry cleaning expense and save your white or light coloured clothing by creating a barrier between your anti-perspirant and clothing, eliminating those nasty yellow stains