About beconfident™

A Desperate Family Member’s Plea

beconfident™ UNDERARM LINERS were born from an idea given to us from an undisclosed family member (sorry, but we are sworn to secrecy) who was constantly complaining about the “underpit sweat marks” on her clothing.

Initially, although sympathetic to her predicament we kind of shrugged off her idea. Painfully we watched everyday as she struggled with ways to prevent these marks and still wear fashionable clothing. Deodorant just wasn’t working for her, no matter what the strength.


The Unsuccessful (and Humourous) Attempts to Solve the Problem

At first she wedged toilet paper into her armpit, but obviously this didn’t work, it would get messy and never stay in place. Then she became more creative and started using women’s feminine hygiene products. I would watch her cut them and struggle to stick them to her shirt. This was also unsuccessful; as soon as she began sweating they would no longer stick and were also quite bulky. She was beginning to get desperate and started to avoid wearing certain clothing and colours to avoid those embarrassing underarm wetness moments.

Let the Research Begin

At this point my husband and I started to wonder if this should be taken more seriously, and began discussing the possibility of a greater problem affecting the general public. We certainly had encountered many people who had visible sweat marks on their shirts. I myself do not sweat excessively, but in the past have avoided buying white shirts and blouses because of the yellow stains they incurred from anti-perspirant.

We began to discreetly inquire among our female friends and colleagues if this was something they were encountering, and were staggered by the response. Almost every woman we talked to either knew someone who sweated excessively, or was an excessive sweater themselves. But even more surprising was the fact that almost every woman we talked to avoided wearing certain clothes or colours to avoid an embarrassing sweat mark, or to prevent their clothing from being ruined by yellow anti-perspirant stains.

The more research we did, the more common the issue seemed. In fact, according to research by the n International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS) ” 2008 Sweat Survey” were significant – up to 33% of adults in the USA think they produce too much underarm sweat!

A Solution for all Women

The point is that you DO NOT have to be an excessive sweater to need this product. Women’s clothing is designed to fit very close to the body and the sleeves often hug right into your armpit, so any amount of perspiration is likely to show or at least become very uncomfortable.

beconfident UNDERARM LINERS will allow you to wear all types and colours of clothing without worrying whether or not you can raise your arm to reach for a coffee mug at work, or do some other everyday task that requires your underarm area to be exposed. Most importantly, they are thin and discreet so no one but you realizes you are wearing them. I doubt you will keep these a secret long, and will tell your girlfriends, husbands and co-workers of your great new discovery so they can beconfident today TM.

Our Commitment to You

What started out as a labour of love for a desperate family member will hopefully bring some relief to you and those you love. It gives us great satisfaction to know we have eliminated a couple of worries from your busy life – underarm wetness marks and yellow armpit stains.

You have so many more important and relevant problems to solve; worrying about sweat should not hinder, or stall the productivity in your life. At the very least we hope to have provided some relief for you, and wish you nothing but happy arm raising for years to come.


Renee and Jason Jacobs (with support of Grace and Nate)
Co-founders of beconfident UNDERARM LINERS