No, unfortunately beconfident UNDERARM LINERS are not bio-degrable.  There is a thin plastic film on the liner which prevents the moisture from passing through to your clothing, and this is not bio-degradable.
No, after each use remove the beconfident UNDERARM LINERS from your clothing before washing and throw them in the garbage.  Do not flush them down the toilet.
We will soon be developing a Men’s version of beconfident UNDERARM LINERS which will be very similar to the Full Sleeve product.  So, if you have a man in your life that could use the Underarm Liners, the Full Sleeve product will work perfectly.  In fact, my husband Jason did a little test and wore them for 45 minutes on the treadmill one day.  When he got off the treadmill his shirt was soaked with sweat, but the Full Sleeve beconfident UNDERARM LINERS were still intact, and the armpit area of his shirt was completely dry!
When we were testing the prototypes this is something that we struggled with – putting the right amount of adhesive on the liners so that they stay on during the day, but not too much so that the adhesive sticks to your clothes.
We feel that we have the right amount of adhesive right now, but the beconfident UNDERARM LINERS will adhere to various fabrics differently, and each individual will have a different activity level.
That being said, your best bet is to ensure that the garment is flat when applying it with all of the creases out.  Start pressing on the center of the liner and push out firmly.
BeConfident Underarm Liners are available online on the Fashion Essentials website. Click here to buy online. In addition, you can buy beConfident UNDERARM LINERS through this website
No, beconfident UNDERARM LINERS will not stop you from sweating – they are to be used in conjunction with your deodorant or antiperspirant to absorb any excess sweat before it reaches your shirt so that you do not see the embarrassing wetness marks.  In addition, the liners act as a barrier between your antiperspirant and the fabric of your clothing so that you do not get the yellow stains or white powder marks on your clothes.