Instructions for Use

  1. Turn garment inside out and place on hard flat surface exposing the underarm seams

  2. Remove backing paper from underarm liner exposing adhesive

  3. Place the short portion of the underarm liner on the sleeve side of the garment, and the long portion of the underarm liner on the body side of the garment

  4. Press firmly for 10 seconds, and push fingers towards outer edge of underarm liner to ensure firm adhesion to garment.   If adhesive becomes loose during the day, press longer than 10 seconds during next use

  5. After use, remove liner from garment before washing and discard in garbage.   Do not re-use liner, or flush down toilet.

    PLEASE NOTE: These underarm liners will not stop you from sweating.  Use in conjunction with deodorant or antiperspirants to absorb excess sweat.  Store in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.  DO NOT USE ON WOOL PRODUCTS.